A Community Gathering Place
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.​​


Before and after the presentation, jazz music was performed by local teens, The Brother's Rule. Also present were: restoration carpenter Tim Wolhueter who rebuilt much of the tower in 2011 and is still involved in the project; construction supervisor, Paul Milkelk and Jane Sawyer, previous owner of the property and generous advocate of the project. It was a lovely day and if you couldn't attend, we've created a brief video of the event which can be seen here.

Today we're celebrating the recreation of this beautiful space. The site was first used for local industry in 1868. It was the big Parker Shoe shop, four stories and at full capacity 200 employees and it burned to the ground it 1882. Five years later the Methodist Episcopal Church rose from the ashes a place of worship and prayer and its cornerstone was laid on June 28th 1887. And after 1940 the Sawyer Family re-purposed this church building for auction storage, its grounds for auctioneering gathering crowds on the front lawn into the early 1970's.

Now recreated at 19 Carter, it is a vibrant inclusive space, its preservation maintaining continuity with the past and enhancing our center village. We relay the cornerstone 128 years later inviting each other to share new stories, welcoming art, music, information and fellowship let us give thanks for the energy and the wonderful spirit that has restored this building to community use. 
​A few weeks shy of 128 years after the original ceremony, the cornerstone of the old Methodist Episcopal Church in Berlin was re-placed. About 50 people attended the brief ceremony. Thanks were given by Evy Dueck for the attendance, the volunteers and the support of the town during the building's renovation. Board members Mary Porter, June Miller and Don Davis also attended. A letter written by the Board of Directors as a "note from the past", and was included in the 2015 time capsule was read by Mary Porter.  The time capsule, in its new glass vessel, was enclosed within the granite. June Miller spoke briefly, and beautifully linking some historical fact with the spirit of the great building. Her tribute is below:  

June 13, 2015 Re-laying the Cornerstone Ceremony

​2015 Time Capsule