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Nonprofit Corporation Board of Directors

How We Got Started

In 2008 a few neighbors formed a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization to buy and renovate the Old Methodist Church building in Berlin’s town center and make it available to the greater community for daily use. Our vision was to create a space for people from all walks of life to connect with each other in this hectic time of new technology and social media; a place where generations can comfortably interact; a place where artists and musicians can showcase their talent; a place where people can share information - all within a thriving community space.

In 2011 the building was purchased, 32 trees were removed from the lot, the basement was cleared out and the structural damage was analyzed and stabilized. In 2012 a new addition was designed to house an interior staircase, accessible lift and bathroom. The building was lifted; the crumbling brick foundation removed and new foundation walls were poured. Then the old church was re-set on the new foundation. 2013 was even busier. Extensive drainage system was installed along with underground electrical service and a new well drilled. After laying down a low voltage electric heat system, a new concrete floor was poured for the lower level. Also the addition was built, sided and roofed with custom windows installed.  In 2014 much of the work focused on the lower level.  Gypsum board was hung, plumbing roughed and finished, electrical work was complete, walls were insulated, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and cabinets were installed, and the interior was painted. In addition the stone steps/ walls were built for the Walnut Street entrance. Systems progress was made when the septic, water tank, well pump and propane tank were all installed. On the main floor work included storm windows, insulation in the addition, installing the potbelly stove and some exterior painting.
In January of 2015 an occupancy permit was received for the lower level, and that portion of the building was open to the community.  That year over 6,000 people enjoyed coffee and tea, WiFi, playgroups and community events, while work continued on the main floor, grounds and building exterior. The addition was insulated, boarded and painted. The front vestibule was stripped of horsehair plaster and lathing and the north side of the building was prepped, primed and painted. 2016 brought progress to both the vestibule and the main hall. Wood was restored, walls were repaired, insulation was installed and interior framing was complete. In addition the lift shaft was prepped and the lift installed. The initial paint coat on the building's exterior was completed. In 2017 the main floor was completed. Work included installing all the repaired/refurbished windows, wood trim and carpet in the addition, cleaning and shellacking the ceiling, painting the walls, cleaning and repairing the wainscoting/wood trim, sanding and tung oiling the floor, purchasing and installing custom doors, finishing the electrical including installing fixtures, building the exterior stairs and adding the railings. 
After almost 7 seven years the combined efforts of the project team, 320 hundreds of volunteers and donors, and 83 Business Partners, government and foundation grants - 19 Carter received occupancy in October of 2017.  

Evelyn Dueck–President  
Board Chair of Berlin's restored 1870 Town Hall -- now drawing 10,000 people to 700 events annually. Raised $3 million to buy and renovate a 15,000 square foot building during her tenure as Executive Director of Indian Hill music center in Littleton, MA. Contact her at evelyndueck@gmail.com.

Mary Porter–Treasurer  
Patent attorney, with a science background, employed by Cabot Corporation; committed to the revitalization of Berlin’s town center; owner of one of Berlin’s oldest homes.​

June Miller–Clerk 
President, Berlin’s Art and Historical Society; appointed member of the Berlin Historical Commission; retired Title Examiner.


Judy Booman- Director
Has held multiple positions in Town of Berlin government/committees as a volunteer, appointed member and elected official. Currently Chairman of Berlin Board of Selectmen and an active member of Berlin Energy Committee. Former Corporate Software Trainer at Boston University Corporate Education. 

Joe Iandiorio- Director

​​Don Davis–Director, 2008-2017

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