A Community Gathering Place
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.​​


Pictured left - "Photograph before 1909" from the Berlin Town Historical Collection. 

Pictured left- As mentioned  in the Historical Uses section, the church was purchased by E. Guy Sawyer in 1941, who used it for storage and as the site of his frequent auctions. This picture shows one such auction, probably from the 1960s. Among the pictured are E. Guy Sawyer (on platform stool), Shirley Matson Sawyer (on platform with hands on hips), Sid Sawyer (leaning on building under picture), and Guy Sawyer, Jr. and Jane Sawyer (seated at table to the left).

(Thanks to local historian Barry Eager for providing
this photo.)

Pictured right-  A group of unidentified gentlemen posing on the southern steps of the Methodist Church.
Written on the  back of the photo is “Taken by G. E. Burgess Xmas 1912”. Can you identify any of the men shown in the picture? If so, please contact Evy at EvelynDueck@gmail.com

(Thanks to local historian Barry Eager for
providing this photo.)
Pictured right - An old photograph of the Methodist Church, dated 1895.

Pictured left - The front of a picture postcard of the Methodist Church, precise date unknown, although the presence of the concrete stairway indicates post-1920's renovation.

Pictured right- This is a view of the First Parish Church looking northeast, from the base of the 1870 Town Hall front steps. In the background at left is the "Big" Parker shoe factory, which stood on the site later to be occupied by the Methodist Church. The factory was built in 1868 and burned in 1882, setting the stage for the church's purchase of the "shop lot" for $300 in 1887.​

Historical Photos