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Interview with Rizpah Merle (Jackson) Warbin,  November 24, 2009 at her home (formerly of 160 West Street, Berlin). No photo available.
Interview with Fred Wheeler, pictured at left, with interviewer June Miller, perusing a copy of the Krackhardt's History of Berlin. The interview was conducted July 31, 2009 at the cobbler shop farm store, The Udder End, at Balance Rock Farm.

First Person Accounts

Interview with Marguerite Krackhardt, pictured at right, with interviewer June Miller, seated on one of the original pews from the Old Church (now located in Berlin's 1870 Town Hall). The interwiew was conducted April 21, 2010, at the 1870 Town Hall.
Cornerstone ceremony article

Church Quarterly Conference Reports

During renovation on May 6, 2011, we found a time capsule inside one of the front cornerstones of the church (see our blog entry for more information and pictures). Initial excitement turned to disappointment when we opened it to find papers that had turned to mushy pulp, caused by water leaking into the tin box. Since virtually nothing was legible, we wondered if we would ever learn what the church founders saw fit to place in the time capsule. It wasn't long before June found an article on microfiche in the archives of the Hudson Enterprise, dated July 2, 1887, describing the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone at the Old Methodist Episcopal Church, which took place on June 28, 1887. The article also lists the contents of the time capsule! We've scanned the article into a pdf file and it can be read by clicking on the button below. (Your Adobe reader may default to a huge magnification when you open the file, and if this happens, we suggest you choose 200% magnification for the most legible view.)

We've discovered the minutes of the Berlin Methodist Episcopal Church Quarterly Conference meetings in the Berlin town vault. These handwritten records, dating to the church's origins, document the proceedings of its Board of Trustees in making decisions and determining the Church's future. Of particular interest to us were the entries describing the planning and building of the new "edifice" in 1887, and later, renovations undertaken in 1924. So we've transcribed these entries into a document, which can be read by clicking here. Enjoy!

Historical Stories