A Community Gathering Place
Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.​​
Painted vestibule
  • Ronnie Owens, Seth Asser
Restored wood finish: windowsills and wainstcoating
  • Paul Mikelk and Bob and Sally Barker
Installed ceiling fan in vestibule
  • Mike O'Sullivn of RJ Marshall Electric
Finished exterior painting
  • Ronnie Owens
​Framing for closets and interior doorways, hung doors . (Some doors re-used from original building others donated by Paul Mikelk)
  • Tom Doerr and John O'Connor/Doerr Construction
​Installed accessible lift
  • ​Garaventa Lift Company and Paul Mikelk
​​Restored Round window  at Eastern Gable. 
  • Window restored by Steve Huntley and installed along with plexiglass storm by Paul Mikelk
Won Annie Sloan Anniversary Paint Contest. Received paint for interior walls and some furniture and doors. 
  • Grant by Evy Dueck; facilitated by Counting Sheep Antiques and Sally Barker
Demolished and disposed of  horse hair plaster and lathing in front vestibule
  • Paul Mikelk and Mike Willis
Insulated front vestibule with Certainteed fiberglass insulation
  • Paul Mikelk
Hung gypsum board, mud and taped walls in front vestibule
  • All-in-one Plastering​​
Insulated walls in main room, insulated above ceiling in vestibule and main hall
  • Dolphin Insulation
Repaired and plastered walls in main hall
  • Captain Drywall​
2018 Work to be completed

Repair/replace exterior corner buttresses                        
Install veneer brick and personalized bricks on foundation


Opened the lower level- Monday - Friday; 9am -5pm, Saturday 10am-1pm.

-Furnished the lower level, purchased Keurig and drinks cooler.
-Stocked with coffee, cold beverages and light snacks available for a small fee or donation.
-Click here to view the "Renovation Project Update- June 2015". This document discusses
the plan, the team, monies raised and spent to date and monies needed to finish the restoration.

Installed spray foam insulation in ceiling of addition
  • Pro Insulators /National Lumber
Set up staging and installed fiberglass insulation in walls of addition
  • Tom Doerr/ Doerr Construction
​Hung wall gypsum board in addition, mud and tapes seams. Primed all walls. 
  • All-in-One Plastering
​Painted walls in addition
  • Ronnie Owens
​Demo front vestibule
  • Paul Mikelk and Mike Willis​
​Prep and paint exterior. Front complete, north side prepped and primed.
  • Ronnie Owens
Installed extensive drainage system
  • Designed pro bono by David E. Ross Associates, installed by Skip ​ and Larry Sawyer, ​Berlin Stone Company
Drilled new well
  • Mike Sullivan Well Drilling
Installed well pump and underground pipes 
  • Culley Pump Co. and Al Roseberry of R.A. Plumbing & Heating
Installed low voltage electric heat system under concrete
  • Gary Fleming of New England Warm Floors, Rick Marshall of RJ Marshall ​                     Electric, and volunteers Don Davis and Paul Mikelk
​Poured lower level concrete floor
  • John Guerard (JPG Construction) and crew, S&F Concrete, Kane-Perkins
(see video of pouring the floor)
Framed addition for accessible lift, bathroom and interior stairway
  • Tom Doerr of Doerr Construction, Kevin Pond of Lamson Lumber 
(see video of installing the large window)
Installed 20 new windows and 2 new doors in lower level and addition
  • Doerr Construction, Marvin Windows and Doors, and Lamson Lumber​
Installed roof shingles on addition/new siding on addition
  • CertainTeed Building Products (a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Corp.), installed by Tom Doerr
Installed new underground electrical service
  • Skip Sawyer and Rick Marshall of RJ Marshall Electric Company    
Wrote a proposed Plan for Use using input from many community groups with observations on what services and activities are lacking in our geographic area. 
  • Mary Redington, pro bono marketing consultant and Martin Miller, pro bono professional photographer​  ​
Designed new foundation, lower level and new addition to house accessible lift and bathrooms, and interior staircase while preserving the historic back façade
  • Pro Bono work by Dan Barton of Maugel Architects
Took down old crumbling brick foundation
  • Skip Sawyer and a dozen volunteers
(see video of taking down ​the old foundation)
Poured new foundation walls
  • Gordon Richards, Inc., Kane-Perkins Company​​
Settled building on new foundation
  • ​Admiral Building Movers, Skip Sawyer, Tim Wohlhueter, Jeff Baer Masonry and Crossman & Son, Inc.
2017 ​​​​
​​​​Finish addition interior
  • Custom cabinets by Tom Doerr, Handrail and painting by Christopher Crane 
Finish electrical- Install fans and fixtures
  • RJ Marshall Electric
Install carpeting
  • Gray's Carpet Center
Sheetrock, plaster, trim and paint around new doors
  • Christopher Crane/Crane & Company
Finish carpentry around upstairs sink
  • Christopher Crane/Crane & Company
Clean, scrape and shellac  tin ceiling
  • Ronnie Owens and Dave Petersen
Sand and Tung Oil floor
  • Central Mass Hardwood
Exterior railings
  • Forged and installed by Worcester County Welding
​​Construct  two front staircases
  • Doerr Construction
​Custom Front Doors
  • Designed and created by 
Restore and re-hang historic windows​
  • ​Don Davis, Steve Huntley, Martin Miller, Steven Read, Mi Parks, Dorothy Eisenhaur , Joe Iandiorio, Carrie Crane
Restore woodwork wainscoting
  • Christopher Crane, Paul Mikelk, DOrothy Eisenhaur  
Install Mitsubishi heating/AC units
  • Northboro Oil
Purchased property and insured building
  • Jane Sawyer and Moynihan Insurance​​
Cleared 35 trees on property
  • Mark Caisse and crew of Treescapes
Repaired structural damage to tower/prepared structure for lifting
  • ​Tim Wohlhueter of Squaw Hollow Restoration
  • All timbers were milled and donated by Mark Caisse
(see video of replacing the tower post)​
Cleared out lower level
  • Matthew Trucking, dumpsters donated by Balance Rock Farm and Paul Mikelk, volunteer labor by Mark Smith and others​​
Raised building onto steel I-beams and cribbing 
  • Admiral Building Movers 
(see video of Matt and Dick shoring up the building)
Insulated lower level
  • Paul Mikelk, Al Roseberry, Mark Smith, and Doerr Construction​
Installed gypsum board in lower level
  • Saint-Gobain scientists from CertainTeed and Saint-Gobain Habitat R&D groups; Paul Mikelk; Doerr Construction; Manuel Farley and All in One Plastering
  • Installed gypsum board in lower level​
Installed septic system
  • ​Skip Sawyer and Sons, Curtis Septic, Putnam Pipe, Rick Marshall Electric and  Culley Pump
Installed bathroom and kitchen cabinets and counter tops​
  • Kitchen Associates, National Stone Company and Doerr Construction​
Completed finish work including: trimmed windows and doors, tung oiled columns and doors, and installed woodwork including baseboards and chair rails
  • ​Paul Mikelk and Doerr Construction
​Painted interior lower level
  • ​Leanne Wiedeman and Liane Leahy​​
​Built stone walls for Walnut Street entrance and landscaping
  • JPG Construction, Paul Mikelk and Skip Sawyer​
Installed storm windows
  • Modern Manufacturing​
Repaired tower and decorative trim
  • Tim Wohlhueter, Squaw Hollow Restoration, Barnard Slate, and Paul Mikelk​
​Repaired roof and fascia boards
  • Barnard Slate and Doerr Construction​
Installed fixtures in bathroom and kitchen
  • ​Al Roseberry, RA Plumbing, Ferguson Enterprises, Inc​
Installed  historic 1918 Potbelly Stove
  • Paul Mikelk, Doerr Construction, Al Roseberry, RA Plumbing​
Insulated addition
  • Doerr Construction, Pro Insulators (National Lumber) and Paul Mikelk​​
Finish electrical work on lower level
  • RJ Marshall Electric​
Installed Mitsubishi mini split heat/ac unit in lower level
  • Paul Maney, Northboro Oil​
Painted addition exterior and tower
  • Ronnie Owens​
Restored two historic windows
  • Steve Huntley

Installed propane tank

  • Skip Sawyer, Paul Mikelk, JPG Construction and Al Roseberry, RA Plumbing​
Installed exterior lighting, put on timers for safety in winter
  • RJ Marshall Electric, Paul Mikelk

Installed rough plumbing for kitchen, two accessible bathrooms and craft sink as well as propane connections for restored 1918 potbelly stove
  • Al Roseberry of RA Plumbing, assisted by Mike Brown (of Mike Brown Plumbing)
Installed rough electric for lighting and heating/cooling systems. 
  • Mike, James and Rick of RJ Marshall Electric
Installed fire alarm system
  • Pete, Rob and Tom of Norel Service Company
Installed locks for doors on lower level
  • John and Jay of H. Perron Locksmiths​​
Built overhang to protect accessible entrance on south side, lower level
  • Tom and Jimmy of Doerr Construction​​
Installed water tank and well pump
  • Bob Culley, Culley  Pump Company​​

​​Work to Date